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Why is my first car finance repayment more?

I recently bought a car on finance. The first and last finance repayment are much more then the agreed monthly fee. This is my first financial ‘loan’
Is this normal or are they screwing more money from me?

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2 Responses to “Why is my first car finance repayment more?”

  1. ‹(•¿•)› ‹(•¿•)› ‹(•¿•)› ‹(•¿•)› said :

    Normal as they charge a insertion fee and for the paper work. some split it at the beginning and at the end.and so on as the middle payments will be the same all the way though.

  2. zrmin said :

    yes its normal fee because of documentation but i have some excellent material if u want to know n future if u want to buy a car then you will be convenient .if u want to know about all then you should visit this web sight


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