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Why has the credit card application been declined?

My partner has applied for 2 credit cards (Egg and Barclaycard) and has been declined for both of them. He has never had a credit card before but has had several loans and a mortgage which he has never missed a payment on. Will the fact that he’s never had a credit card have been held against him? Now if he applies for another card, he has to tick the box that asks if he’s been declined for a credit card before and that will work against him even more. He’s 26 if that makes any difference.

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10 Responses to “Why has the credit card application been declined?”

  1. cutie said :

    tell him to stop applying for cards
    A search is made on his credit record and the more searches that are recorded the less likely he is to be accepted
    It makes it look like he is desperate for credit which obviously doesnt look good

    Are you sure he has never missed any payments before as its unusual to be turned down if you have a good credit rating

  2. LBUK said :

    My advice is for him to get a credit report asap (try experian or equifax). It may be that there is some bad debt outstanding in his name that he is unaware of, or that someone else has been using his details…..

  3. Matt said :

    There could be several reasons. His debt to income ratio could be a major factor. He may want to check his credit report to see if there is any negative information that he does not know about.

    You get one free credit report from all 3 bureaus per year at

    Good luck

  4. fat bird said :

    we once had a card refused and it turned out that our postcode was dodgy!!You can find out why by gettin in touch with experion [probably get hold of them through the net] It costs a couple of quid. Good luck

  5. Chase said :

    Check your credit report to see if there is negative info that you are not aware of. Stop applying until you know what is going on, every time credit is pulled your score drops 2 – 3 points.

  6. joanna_jaunts said :

    Okay, The fact that he’s never had a credit card bfore and the fact that he’s kept up with his payments on his loans could go against him, believe it or not.

    Make not mistake, these people onkly want people they can make money out of. Keeping up with payments would earn a creditcard compnay no money on interest. The more you borrow, the longer you take to replay, the more they will allow you to get into debt with becasue they can make the most money out of you. Of course, if you ever couldn’t pay at all, then that too would go against you getting a creditcard or loan or anythng. it is a really messed up system, and they are only provident to themeselves.

    If he has only been at his present address less than 2yrs then that to would go against him. One has to be accountable. There is actually no such thing as a credit rating system. It is all just smoke and mirrors.

    If you want some good information on debts, bredit refusal or simply the best credcard to get at any current time I’d advise you to look at a website called I think that is it. Good luck

  7. See Saw said :

    But before sending your credit card application to various credit card companies and financial institutions, read these crucial tips about credit cards.

  8. mikey said :

    I’m surprised because normally you’d get one if you’ve got a credit rating of any kind…even if it’s only with a £200 limit. There is of course ‘cashplus’ credit cards.. it’s a MasterCard that you put money on first (at any post office) and has exactly the same function as any other MasterCard. You don’t need approval. Has he asked his bank for one? they’ll normally be the first people to give him one. Also…if someone else in the household has a bad credit rating, that could effect his rating.
    26 shouldn’t make a difference. That’s a grown up isn’t it?

  9. B.B said :

    it may because his needs credit for credit cards, try orchard bank or a retail card like Macy’s

  10. tomwill8517 said :

    If you have no credit, it will be hard for you to get a credit card with low rates. I have listed a source below that has a list of credit card companies that will issue you credit with no credit to help you build a credit score.


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