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Who is with oceanside wealth forex and what results have you experienced?

Has anyone else heard of this group? I first learned about it when searching for forex training. It does look good and I would rather place money in the hands of professional people then gamble around but i have a hard time believing it will produce 20% a month.
I’m a little confused because oceanside appears to be forex investment compounding w/ network marketing. do i have to recruit others to earn any money? I’m just looking for a safe place to invest. Please advise.

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2 Responses to “Who is with oceanside wealth forex and what results have you experienced?”

  1. hypnotikz99 said :

    I am one of the top leaders and founding members of Oceanside Wealth. It’s a hybrid forex and network marketing. NOBODY is required to recruit others to earn. You can simply earn on the forex part.

    Oceanside Wealth has just launched on July 27, so it’s still in it’s early stages. The forex trading robot that we use has been producing average returns between 10%-20% for the past 2 years.

    There’s also a network marketing pay plan for the folks that enjoy building teams, although once you are earning thousands monthly, it will be hard to keep people away once they ask you what you are doing to make money.

    Too much info to list, if you have questions please contact me.


  2. James K said :

    If you want to learn the basics of trading forex, you can use the free 5 step guide at


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