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Who is a good/reliable Forex Broker on ECN platform preferably in the UK?

ALSO THE MT4 platform is a neccesity and mini accounts allowed.

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5 Responses to “Who is a good/reliable Forex Broker on ECN platform preferably in the UK?”

  1. billyboy said :
  2. casey b said :

    check out

    please visit our website for details, and be aware that leverage can dramatically amplify both your profits and losses. trading foreign exchange with a high or even moderate level of leverage may not be suitable for all investors.

  3. bestimtools said :

    We are using FXCM, and they have MT4.

    But I would recommend you to make sure – when you choose a broker – that this broker does not have a dealing desk. Because this is a real seduction for a broker to trade against you. And unfortunately even very big brokers, when you make nice money, can resort to trade against you. Because if you win $100,000 within a day (and this is possible with a good trader and nice deposit) and they are not sending the money to real interbank – they will have to (1) find 100 people to lose the money OR (2) they can trade against you. Option #2 is easier.

    I also heard that currency market authorities gonna close dealing desk in the nearest future, and this can be fair, because will leave the brokers without the tools to do their “dirty kitchen”.

    So, one of the reasons we are using FXCM is because they do not have dealing desk.

    If you liked my answer and looking for more useful info – visit our managed account service site

  4. Sahara said :

    Dear Outlander,

    You can discover reliable Forex Broker here:

  5. Elliott said :

    Here is a list of some of the broker that I have tried and received excellent results from:



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