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Where is the good resources for me to start with Forex?

Im a new beginner in Forex, who can tell me where to find good resources to start off with?

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12 Responses to “Where is the good resources for me to start with Forex?”

  1. moserw said :

    Do check out rated very high for lots of Forex earnings.

    Other online business you can check out

    All the best.

  2. Party said :

    hi there !!

    hey why dont you try checking out the learning center at gnutrade related to forex, commodities and stock trading…

    I used the same gnutrade learning center and platform to get introduced with forex

  3. Ezekiel said :

    I believe that you should start to learn and understand how the market moves and why it moves that way. This way, you can trade according with it and with understanding. Thats what we teach at with price action as basis – used by banks and major institutions.

    Asia Forex Mentor

  4. Sela M said :

    you may also try to check out this site. they have an “info center” where you can read and learn everything you need to know about forex trading. you can also download a free forex ebook and a free $50K demo account for your practice. all the best.

  5. relaxed_trader said :

    for reading up on various topics that pertain to Forex, check out this blog:

  6. mark mc donnell said :

    This is a series of five award winning illustrated articles for trading the spot forex.
    Its like an e-book and will open your eyes to the pips. I certainly hope you enjoy them.

    Mark Mc Donnell
    Yahoo Answers Level 3 Responder

  7. The Geek said :

    Good day,

    there are many sites out there on forex. However you need to really see which are focused on learning and which are not.

    Basically, forex requires patience and proper money management… learn from your mistakes and never be greedy.

  8. Tong said :

    If you are looking for the best forex software, visit this site

  9. Livermore said :

    Start with free resources, I’ll leave a couple on the sources box.

    Then practice in a free demo account and you’ll be able to learn a lot without spending any money 😉

  10. Georgina said :

    hi, you can try reading some interesting blogs about forex in this blogsite i stumbled upon

  11. [email protected] said :

    Welcome to the forex hunt!
    Hunting for a forex broker is a real art, there are so many now you have to make sure you pick the right forex broker for you.
    It has become like the casino and poker business, there are so many bonuses to pick from which all mean different things for you the forex trader.

    Here is a good round up of resources and forex brokers for you. a good site with lots of current forex information a good forex broker with a chance to win a car a regulated forex broker with a good competition a youtube chanel with video reviews worth checking

    Hope that helps

  12. Princess Myer said :

    Hi friend,

    I found something that really might health you. I made a research for you. and here’s what i got.
    Sample Testimonial.

    ” My Name is Dean and I have been a forex trading enthusiast before I was legally old enough to open my first forex trading account.

    After years and years of frustration, I now make a very comfortable income trading the forex markets. Along with the huge profits this business provides comes a lot of freedom, freedom to be anywhere in the world and make money!

    Using the freedom this business provides, I have travelled the globe and visited a lot of amazing places. If I’m not living in the Caribbean, then I’m usually off enjoying other parts of the world and all I need to make money is a laptop.

    Now I am not telling you this to brag or boast, I am trying to show you what is possible if you harness the enormous potential of the forex market and use it to your advantage.”

    Hope this help you. Goodluck to your Forex Business. 🙂

    Here’s the link of my resources:


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