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Where do I start to make money via internet?

I want to make money with my computer. Is there any trusted person out there to help for advice on getting started.

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31 Responses to “Where do I start to make money via internet?”

  1. permafry_42 said :

    no clue.

  2. mikz42 said :

    I would start a business on ebay. There are many programs to get you started. I made A LOT of money on ebay.

  3. Dylan S said :

    sell it

  4. mikesdaman71 said :

    I have been selling Avon online for a year check out my website for more information.

  5. xJESSx said :


  6. Jack B said :

    If it were easy..everyone would be doing it. Making money from the internet is not an easy task. I suggest the creative route such as Graphic Design or making music.

    Good luck!


  7. ? said :

    Try one of several scams such as:

    Insurance schemes

    Resume writing services

    Market research (online surveys)

  8. Katie P said :

    There’s quite a few places on the internet, like ebay, but you sell your own stuff. and tell the truth like how many times you used it, avon representatives i know you can do that on-line or even outside.

  9. AMH said :

    Do a search engine, type in: Scam free work from home

  10. blackone said :

    I have been working from home for a few years now and have done a lot of research. There are a lot of companies that make all these claims that you will make big money quick, but we know if that’s the case, it’s too good to be true. The companies that I have found to actually send you survey’s or you can answer simple questions to earn money I have found to be the best and I’ve listed them below with comments to get you started.

    This is a good one for surveys:

    If you not up with Ebay this gives good ideas:

    This is an advisory site for Earning Money From Home:

  11. bleedfreak said :

    Hi there,

    Yeah you’re going to get a lot of answers, varying from spam and scams to sites that will make you a little bit of money..

    Unless you have a very popular website, or product to sell, and thus advertise other’s from you’re own site, it’s going to be quite hard to make alot of money online.

    However, one site that works that i’ve found for a wee bit extra income is

    MyHomepageFriends –

    Accepts worldwide members!

    Basically, you sign up, and use the search engine (which is yahoo), and for every search you make, the site makes 5p, and gives you 2p for this.. Now this probably doesn’t seem like very much! But if you’re making 50 searches a day, that’s a pound a day and then – 30 quid a month! Plus, you get 1p per search of every friend you let know about the site.. So i guess it works like this (if I’m right hehe, been calculating this myself to see how much i’m due this month)

    50 searches a day – £1… Monthly: £30

    You refer 10 people who make 50 searches a day (you get 10% i think) – 10p from each — another £1 a day…

    So that’s £30 from yourself, and £30 made from you’re referral links (great if you have a blog or a small website to advertise from, to get some referrals)… And they will pay you out once you’ve reached £20! You also get paid 5% for anyone you’re friends refer, you can check all the stats online, i’ve made 90p from my cousin alone so far in a few days hehe!

    Works well and pays you by paypal/cheque/credit card (i think maybe bank account transfer too, but definitely paypal!).. It’s not a lot, but an opportunity to maybe make an extra £50-£100 a month for doing nothing other than what you probably already do in google – search the web! You can also check your balance at any time so you know how much you’ve earned and how much you’ve gainedd from you’re friends earnings!

    Check it out, and let me know how you get on 🙂 Msg me if you want any advice about it, i’ve been a member for a while now : )

    Here’s the link for it :
    Thanks, Lindsay x

  12. Happy working from home said :

    It all depends on 2 factors: Do you want a job online to make money or do you want your own online business to make money. Obviously the first is free or nearly free to start and you can build from there. The second costs to get involved as your buying your own business with a turnkey internet site to build as your own for your long term future. The choices are out there.

    Take a look at a home business and compare..

    Good luck with whichever route you take.

  13. ? said :

    You can try PTC sites, but I tell you, there are a lot of scams. The good thing is, you really have nothing to lose because you won’t need to invest a single cent here, only your time and effort. If you want to get started, just follow this guide:

  14. sharad said :

    You may look into some of the PTC sites. You can earn money for viewing advertisements online and more money for advertisements your referrals’ view.

    Be sure that the site is genuine. Some of the points one should consider are that the site should not ask for any registration fee, and if the site hosts forums it is further helpful. The site should also pay you when you want/keeping a low minimum payout.

    This one is good too –

  15. Hollie said :
  16. michaelvessey said :

    Best way is to find a really good betting system and use it at online casinos (unless you are in the US)! You can make a thousand or so a week quite easily.

    Be careful though. Most betting systems are scams. They just make money by referring you to their casinos and taking a commission. Be cautious. I play a lot of Roulette and have found the best system is the Mayer Roulette System ( ).

    Alternatively a good free option is the roulette system at

    Good luck!

  17. TigerNZ said :

    I drop by to let you know there is a very famouse international summit called World internet Summit … and this September they are comming to UK

    I recommend you to attend it because its going to be about UK and how people from Uk can use internet to make money

    you will have a chane to meet top internet marketers in person so you can ask them and get advice from them

    I know you need a resource so i left you a link below

    take care and wish you the best

  18. Chuck J said :

    i have been using this sit it is very helpful and it actually works you should try it out

  19. -Lokita- said :

    Check Out My Site If You’d Like… :]

    Not a get rich scheme overnight…But it definitely pays :]

  20. roshan t said :

    CashCrate is a US based website that pays you to complete offers, take free offers, join survey panels, and shop online. They have a very successful record of paying their members, based on the comments in their forums. CashCrate does accept international members, but most of their offers are more geared to US, Canadian, and UK participants. CashCrate has recently launched a UK section that currently boasts 65 offers worth that are worth almost $200.
    Treasure Trooper is a website that pays you to complete offers, visit websites and fill up surveys. Based in the U.S, Treasure Trooper is open to all international users and pays it members via check only. One of the largest get-paid-to websites on the internet, Treasure Trooper is a website to consider if you are seriously interested in making some extra money online.
    The way MyLot works is like a messageboard. You can post questions, answer questions, make friends and participate in polls and picture posting. The more active you are, the the more detailed your answers are, the more handsomely you are reimbursed for your activity. The trick is to keep your answers long; 4 lines at the least- gain a high user rating through quality participation, post quality, thought-provoking questions and aim to answer a plentiful amount of questions per day. They pay out at a very low limit ($10) once a month, like clockwork.
    If you follow these simple rules, and participate daily, you will see your account growing faster and faster. And trust me, I have recieved 3 payments now, all on time and for the right amount quickly and easily into my paypal account.
    Give it a go, and I’m sure you will soon see the benefits!

    If you’ve ever wanted to get paid for the time you spend dishing out quality advice to helpless, anonymous people over the internet, now’s your chance. myLOT is a online community that discusses a wide variety of topics.

    Basically, it’s structured like Yahoo Answers. You pop in, ask a question or take a look at the available questions and answer them. Interaction with other users is pretty lively, largely because myLOT will pay you to start or participate in any ongoing discussion.
    SendEarnings provides you with an easy and fast way of earning some cash just by reading emails. To get started, first you need to sign-up to become a member. You’ll receive an instant $3 bonus just by signing up. Then start reading emails and earning money. You could potentially earn $100’s a month. Each email that you read and confirm will credit a specific amount per unique visit. These amounts change frequently so an exact amount for each visit varies. This may range from half a cent to ten cents for regular paid mails. But you can earn $5 for each friend you refer. This is the most critical aspect of your membership at SendEarnings as you can also receive a small percentage of earnings from some of the paid emails that your referrals read. SeandEarnings offers you more ways of making money. You can earn up to $1000 for taking online surveys and up to $50 per offer. After requesting a payment, a check will be sent to your postal address.
    Matrixmails has been offering risk-free opportunities to earn money online since 2002. Join today and to start make money!
    * Get paid to read paid emails.
    * Get paid to sign up offers. Additional terms apply.
    * Get paid to click and visit sites.
    * Get paid to play games.
    * Get paid to write articles.
    * Get paid to search the Internet.
    * Get paid to refer other people up to 6 Levels.
    * Lifetime bonuses according to personal earnings.
    * Payments via Paypal, E-gold or Stormpay. Only $2 payout limit.

    The easiest and genuine way to make money is PTC Programm
    Paid To Click
    But one Thing is for remember most of the PTC programm are scam…
    After the long search i found a best and Daily updating
    PTC site where u can find both genuine and scams collection.

    Other highly paying Sites (not sure because of the big offer anyhow check it out with a different username or password)

  21. ITALIANSOULJA said :

    Great website and little effort! They can give you paypal or send a check right to your door!

  22. Michael H said :

    I’ve been exploring selling Ebooks online and have made some slow sales to start with but it is speeding up as I put additional time into it. It becomes an automated income stream once you put in a few hours here and there and exciting when you see money hit the account.

    I bought this ebook guide on how to write an ebook to start me off and found it very useful:

    Once the site is humming you can add yahoo or google adwords to add an additional revenue stream.

    Hope this helps…


  23. Dr. X said :

    Hi. After years of trial and error and wasted time and money learning how to make money online I have finally learned one thing – adult websites are by far the fastest and easiest way to quickly begin earning online.

    If you are serious about an adult website you either need to provide your own content or team up with a good affiliate program. Since you’re asking this – I will assume you don’t have content 😉 I use a web cam site with a well known, established affiliate program to generate about $750 – $1200 per month every month quickly and easily. I get paid every single week and earn up to $80 for every FREE member I refer to my site. You also get a $50 CASH bonus just for signing up. You don’t have to pay anything to get started and my program is staffed 24/7 with affiliate support reps to ensure you know how to make money. I currently convert better than 1 in 150 unique visitors, so I know for a fact this is a great web cam affiliate program. Check out my blog for more info – look for the “Adult Webmasters Wanted” page on the upper right hand side of the page. Good luck!

  24. zakakiah said :

    Many people find it hard to get started and to stay motivated when it comes to being successful online and making any kind of money.
    It’s for this reason that I’ve created a one on one mentoring bonus for people who invest in Firepow blogging software through the link below.  You see, it’s actually through blogging that I’ve created a passive monthly income (currently) of $8,000.00 per month.
    My blogging software of choice that helps me make money online is Firepow blogging software.
    Not only will you receive a 30 percent saving on Firepow blogging software, but you’ll also receive the exclusive Firepow bonuses PLUS free UNLIMITED email consultations with me to ask me whatever questions you like whenever you like about blogging and affiliate marketing and how you can start to make real money online.
    This additional bonus is worth hundreds of dollars and is available for a limited time only.
    For this reason I highly recommend that you invest in Firepow right now by going to Firepow Software Review and following the simple instructions to save 30 percent and get access to these bonuses.

  25. Chris said :

    This site has good reviews for making money online:

    This site also has a cashback program where you get paid to sign up to programme at this link here:

    This site pays you cashback when you shop and you get £10 free when you sign up:

    This site also pays cashback on purchases and most of them you actually get paid to sign up!!! Check the link here for more info:

    This site pays you each time you make a search on yahoo, it’s not much but at the end of the year it can add up to a couple hundred pounds:

    This site pays you to leave your internet on:

    You can get a free website and get paid through advertisements on the site here:

    Theres loads of ways to make money online, those are just a few.

  26. South Africa said :

    I can’t believe it, I found this website two days ago and already bought myself an XBOX 360 controller with the money I made.

    what you do is you go on it is immense, you get points for completing surveys: for UK/USA/Europe and other countries and you don’t have to have a credit card or debit card or any type of card, they send you vouchers, for ebay or amazon or you pick your own prize save up your points for the most expensive prize (e.g XBOX 360 Elite). or when you have enough money convert it to a ebay or when you have enough money convert it to a ebay or amazon voucher.


    !!!Hope this Helps!!!

  27. AllTheAnswers said :

    Check out It has loads of ideas and links to websites that might help. I have been making money online by doing market research surveys for about 1 year now. It is really boring but i’ve made about £500 which helped pay for my holiday!

    Hope you get on ok.

  28. melissa f said :

    Well, there is a site called I used it before, and I actually did make some money. Basically it is a site where you create a store, add products from their database and sell them at a marked up price. You get to keep the markup once you sell the product. It is also a legit site, I should know because I know someone who works for the company.
    Good Luck 🙂

  29. Isaias Postle said :

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