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Where can I get a secured credit card in the UK?

I have pretty poor credit and I can’t get a credit card.

I want a secured credit card similar to the ones in the US where you leave a deposit with the lender and that becomes your credit limit and in addition, the lender needs to report my payment history to a credit reference agency.

This is NOT the same as a prepay card where you reload it once you spend it as that it useless to me and does nothing for your credit rating.
Card MUST be UK-issued or reportable to UK credit reference agencies.

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5 Responses to “Where can I get a secured credit card in the UK?”

  1. angie said :

    Secured Credit Cards

    Whether you have adverse credit history, existing mortgage arrears, defaults, even CCJ’s. No matter what your credit history and regardless of your present circumstances we have links to issuers able and willing to meet the most difficult circumstances and still issue cards.

    Cards are NOT subject to status. All secured card issuers are based outside the UK.

    try here

  2. Debt Line said :


    They will find the best credit card that is avaliable for you in the UK. If you really need a secured card they will be able to advise you of this but they might also be able to help you with something unsecured.

  3. Eric MD said :

    U should go to UK They have some great loans. I wish the U.S.A had some unsercured loans like they do. Write me if i can help any other way. Maybe u can help me get a loan from there :). [email protected]

  4. Gravity145 said :

    If you have an account with any of the UK major banks, they’ll be able to set it up for you. although, regardless of how poor you are, you should still be able to get a credit card, albeit with a high interest rate..

  5. MARTIN D said : supply secured credit cards


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