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What’s the easiest way to get £150 worth of coins credited to my bank account?

For the past few years I’ve been saving up 1p – 50p coins. I now have approx. £150 worth of loose change. What’s the best way to get this small fortune (if you can call it that lol) into my bank account?

Please bear in mind that 150 pounds is very heavy!!

Thanks for all your answers…they’ve been very helpful.

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6 Responses to “What’s the easiest way to get £150 worth of coins credited to my bank account?”

  1. S C said :

    Firstly, to take to a bank they will want it all in the correct denominations, bagged and correct to the bag limit. No mixed coins in bags.

    They will not sort it for you.

    Bag it correctly and they will weigh it and they will credit it to your account.

    Obviously you may need to make a few trips.

  2. lily said :

    take about £10 worth every trip as the banks won’t take more than that in coinage.I know it will take a couple of weeks to finally get the lot into your bank account but at least you’ll have some money in your account.

  3. dick19532003 said :

    most asda stores or tescos have a coin counting machine it may be worth using one of those and then simply pay the cash into the bank.

  4. chippie_minton said :

    Get some coin bags and count the correct amounts of coins of each denomination into the bags. Take as much as you can carry on each subsequent trip to the bank.

  5. G W said :

    I take mine bagged up correctly to a branch of my bank they will take them or credit your account.If you use the machine in Asda there is a charge

  6. pbigfella said :

    If you take it to the machines at Tesco Asda etc, please note they charge up to 7% for counting and changing it, that could be £10 of your hard earned savings.

    Best bet is to go to the bank and get some coin bags, issued free. then count it and bag it into £1 bags.

    Then ask local shops if they want change, local shops always looking for change and may take £5 a time of copper, and take the rest to the bank around £20 a time.
    It will be in your Bank account in no time.

    Hope this is ok




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