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What’s it like to work in finance/accounting in France?

I am considering a move to France at some point in the future – is it true that in France you work less hours than other European countries (for example, I work in London and easily work 60 hours + a week) – and if so, do lower working hours apply to those in finance/accountancy roles?

I would be looking at jobs in a big 4 accountancy firm, or the finance department of a large company.

How would Paris differ from the rest of France?

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3 Responses to “What’s it like to work in finance/accounting in France?”

  1. Holy Crap! said :

    Just as boring, but with a hint of body odour in the air.

  2. Question Guy said :

    It’s better than these jobs, that’s for sure:

  3. gilly g said :

    Well firstly you’d have to speak Fluent French and have a detailed knowledge of the French accounting systems.
    It’s true the French have a limit of 35 working hours per week but in reality this never happens. They only get paid 35 hours per week but are expected to work very long hours. They do however get two weeks extra holiday per year to compensate for the mental hours they have to work.
    It’s difficult to get a well paid job outside of Paris but if you can the working hours are pretty standard all over.
    The government is currently reviewing this system so we will see what happens in the future. They are actually looking at making only the 1st of May a compulsory holiday and after that each employer can decide how many weeks to give. so Christmas day if your employer wants you to work, then you have to work.


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