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What will happen to the Forex market if things keep going down hill?

No one ever seems to talk about the Forex market.

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3 Responses to “What will happen to the Forex market if things keep going down hill?”

  1. cordwainer said :

    Actually the US dollar has been doing well during the recent crisis. Since this is a global financial event, foreigners think the dollar is safer than a lot of their home currencies.
    In the Forex market, you’re always comparing one currency to another- it’s not like the DOW that either goes up or down. So if the dollar goes up versus the Euro, one is going up while the other is going down.
    They don’t like to talk about the Forex because the PTB (Powers That Be) would prefer that you invest your money here in the US of A. If you buy Euros or British Pounds or whatever, you’re investing overseas.

  2. Suzane P said :

    No ways… I am talking about Forex alot as i think in this economy where major countries are facing recession, currency market is best to trade in. This is a independent market which as retrospective effect as if one currency goes down the other rises, therefore this is a great market to invest now.


  3. Ira Ratsep said :

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