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what types of information do credit card companies sell to marketers?

If the data is not sold by credit card firms themselves, then by whom and, typically, for how much?

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2 Responses to “what types of information do credit card companies sell to marketers?”

  1. Akbar B said :

    Nothing if you tell them not to or everything if you don’t and the price varies depending upon how much each a/c is worth credit wise.

  2. gimmefuel2 said :

    Credit card companies can not and will not sell your information if you are THEIR CUSTOMER. By selling your information they would be creating opportunities for credit fraud which hurts their business. Generally your information is collected by someone other and THEY sell your information to the credit card companies for general solicitation, like balance transfer letters, new acct. applications. Third party info sellers are banks, spammers (yes spammers), and credit reporting agencies. Yes as a credit card issuer I can provide the credit reporting agencies my criteria for the ideal customer. They will then run me a list of names of everyone that meets that criteria. They only way to prevent this is to inform the credit reporting agencies not to provide your information unless YOU initiate a credit check for services (i.e. bank loan, car loan, credit card application) Also to protect your e-mail address do not forward e-mails that tell you to forward to “x” number of friends. These are scams designed to collect e-mail addresses. Companies pay pennies per address but if I can collect 200K addresses at .03 per address…. well you get the picture right. Companies like Capital One and other similiar type credit issuers will buy these lists as well as other retailers trying to reach a larger customer base.

    From what I know each individual name on a list (depending on the detail about the individual) will get less than a penny per name to .05 per name. (Hey information is cheap, you just have to know were to look for it.)


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