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What taxes do YOU think should be abolished – and how would you finance them?

There are many taxes which are both unfair and counter productive. Abolishing ALL ‘Inheritance’ tax would enable many people to set up businesses and pay their way when they would otherwise seek state help – health care and unemployment benefit, child care and private education for example, would all reduce the burden on the taxpayer. ALL ‘stamp duty’ is unjustified – just another tax to burden those trying to provide a home for their family or build up a capital asset. All this is easily paid for by cancelling ‘Trident’ and the ‘Eurofighter’ junk-heap.

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7 Responses to “What taxes do YOU think should be abolished – and how would you finance them?”

  1. Andrew C said :

    call me an anarchist, but i’d abolish the lot, including income tax. prices of goods and services would go sky high, but the market would sort it.

  2. Barry C said :

    Income Tax should be abolished and move to the Fair Tax

  3. cristanine said :

    I don’t think that too abolish a tax would be feasible, but at least a tax break every three months for one day would be cool.

    For instance on the first day of every third month it’s tax free for buying groceries. This will give people a break.

  4. ZEE said :

    Yob culture.

  5. stephen b said :

    Any tax on food is out of order

    did you know a jaffa cake used to be taxed as a luxury item?

    how ludicrous – a chocolate biscuit is considered a luxury item !

    Scrap all tax on food and put it on the packaging instead.
    Then, if someone invents edible packaging, it would do away with the need to recycle tons every day !

    This country is levying a disgusting amount of tax and the fat cats in Whitehall/Parliament cost us a kings ransom with all their expenses – let them scrimp and scrape so that the poor people can enjoy “luxury” food like choccie biscuits

    Ooh i get so angry about this
    you’ve got me started now !

    Viva le revolution and bring back hanging

    Thank you

  6. Paul S said :

    well some taxes are need in order to pay for the fine upstanding public services we have (is that my tongue in my cheek?) like the NHS and the police, the problem is, is that alot of the money us hardworking people pay, goes abroad.

    if we kept the money in this country to sort out our own problems first, then maybe the taxes would come down.

    i agree inheritance should be scraped, especially now that house prices are going through the roof which mean people estates are increasing in value at a silly rate.

    inheritance tax is a double taxation, its all bought with money that has already been taxed on and therefore is illegal.

    stamp duty is just as bad. why should we have to pay a tax for wanting to live in this country? its bad enough that we have to pay council tax, I take most of my rubbish down the tip as those tacky wheelie bins only hold 3 bags, so basically, we are paying for 3 bags of rubbish to be collected twice a month, ok yes they do seperate pickups for recyclable and garden waste, but again, i take all this down the tip anyways as it builds up in the garage and attracts mice and rats as well as flies.

    god im sick of this country, lets all just down tools and not work for a week and dont pay our taxes and see what they do lol.

    how the gonna manage to control us all?

  7. Pavlo said :

    When the Government of the day brought in the VAT the theory was if you can afford to buy luxury items then you paid the VAT,but then they started to put it on everything like gas water electric vital items all the people need to survive so the whole idea went out of the window you sell your house you pay estate their commission plus VAT your solicitor fee plus vat and on top of that you pay stamp duty .Look at the fuel tax its a rip off ,and whats its all for to keep our armed forces in other Countries around the world .And the Council Tax
    its all everywhere we look around us so unfair,we need demonstrations in all our Cities but alas ,we put up with it all Could go on and on all day on this question I leave it for others to vent their views


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