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What sort of proof do I need to open up a bank account?

Which evidence do I need to open up a bank account and how many proofs do I need for the evidence?

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7 Responses to “What sort of proof do I need to open up a bank account?”

  1. The Prodigal Son said :

    It really all depends on if you’re under or over 21 years old,
    If you’re over that age a drivers licence or bill etc etc should help.

    Thank you 🙂
    And good luck buddy.

  2. SUCKMYR0CKET said :

    Usually one form of personal ID and a proof of address.

    The ID must be photographic i.e. passport/driving licence and the proof of address ususally would be a utility bill (not mobile phone) and has to be dated from the last 3 months.

    Although saying this, it does vary between banks. It is not a legal requirement, it is a company security policy.

  3. purplenight said :

    a drivers license or passport and a utility bill with your name and address on. If you dont have a drivers license or passport you will need additional evidence such as your birth certificate. However I would contact the bank you want to open an account with to find the exact details.

  4. amazing_creation said :

    In the US banks require your Social Security Number and a valid government photo ID (driver’s license, military ID or state photo ID). Some banks also require some documentation of your address (i.e. – phone bill, electric bill, etc.) But, generally, they can run the necessary background checks with your SSN and the gov’t issued photo ID.

    You must be 18 to be an account owner since your account involves a contract and contracts can not be formed with minors. If you are a minor, some banks may still allow you to open a savings account if you have working papers & a part-time job.

  5. wilfred b said :

    you do require a passport or a driving licence photocard and at least one utility bill and contary to what someone as stated it is a legal requirement that the bank is satisfied that you are the person you say you are. some banks may require more information than what I have stated these are just the minimum requirements that are required by law

    edit a birth certificate is of no use to open a bank account unless it is supported by some form of photo ID THAT THE BANK CAN LAWFULLY ACCEPT

  6. cinders912423 said :

    You need proof of identity eg a utility bill with your name & address on. They might also ask for your birth certificate

  7. george said :

    Very simple answer: 2 forms of ID as required by law to the banking industry


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