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What is the worst mistake the bank made on your account?

What errors and mistakes have they made on your accounts? How did it mess you up and what did they do to resolve it?

If you complained to the bank did your receive compensation? If so, how much?

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3 Responses to “What is the worst mistake the bank made on your account?”

  1. spring_rainbows said :

    My bank (natwest) has never screwed up or made any errors, its simply done its job and done it well. Customer service is excellent and i think the best bank to deal with. They helped me out when i was stuck in a bit of a financial rut and have made my banking life easy as pie!

  2. ? said :

    it was not a mistake they made, it was like the stupidest rule they made!

    I was made to pay £10 administration fee for something that I can’t remember now, but I didn’t agree to it and had told them to stop it.
    They agreed that I needn’t pay it.
    However, my account was still charged £10, and that made me overdraft £0.02, as I didn’t have any overdraft facility, I then was charged a further fine of £35 for 2 penny overdraft (which was NOT even my fault)!!!

    Anyway, I called them (natwest) and the lady who answered the phone was quite helpful. She promised to return me the £10 first as it was not my wish to have that service in the first place, and then she stopped the fine £35 being takeny from my account.
    So i guess my account at that time was £9.98 on balance.

    Wasn’t too bad, was it?
    I didn’t get any compensation though????

    But you have got to watch out the bank charges!! it’s not legal most of the time!

  3. Aunty said :

    One bank made a mortgage payment one month after I sold my house. They were very apologetic and actually asked me how much compensation I wanted – I said £300 and she said yes straight away. The questions caught me off guard and I wish I had said more.

    another time I gave the bank an account number and asked them to pay £400 into it. The girl on the desk made a mistake and sent it to someone elses account. The bank said that they would make contact with this person and ask them to return the money and then they would pay it back to me. I said no way, return my money by the close of business, which they did.


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