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What is the difference between a TAX ACCOUNTANT & a TAX ATTORNEY?

Specifically, what are the unique job functions which separate one category of professional from the other? Does the attorney file tax returns? Does the accountant keep up with the tax laws? Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks.

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3 Responses to “What is the difference between a TAX ACCOUNTANT & a TAX ATTORNEY?”

  1. kmnmiamisax said :

    I’m pretty sure a tax accountant would be the one to work with the numbers and file your taxes for you and stuff like that. A tax attorney would be the one to represent you in court if ever you had an issue with the IRS. Of course a tax accountant will need to keep up with the tax laws since they are filing your paperwork for you… they have to know when the law changes so they know how to complete and file the forms. A Tax attorney isn’t likely to be completing your tax forms unless it’s sort of a hybrid tax accountant/attorney… ordinarily a tax attorney will help you deal with the court system regarding your tax matter where as a tax accountant will help you deal with your money and help you to file with the IRS.

  2. Mark S said :

    Only certain people can represent you before the IRS. They are: Attorneys, CPAs and Enrolled Agents. If you are involved in a criminal matter, only attorneys can represent you. The privilege that covers attorneys and clients is much broader than that between CPAs and Enrolled Agents and their clients.

  3. Jessi Auker said :

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