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What is the best way to fundraise money for a school club?

Right now, we are not able to sell anything that is not “nutritious”(ie candy) at school to fundraise money. We get around it by selling slightle less nutritious junk but its still doesn’t manage to bring in the same amount of money that we used to. We’re trying to raise money for college scholarships for our members and we’re looking for new ideas to fundraise.

We can’t really do a car wash since our club is extremely small(about 15 really). We’re setting up events at local restaurants by promoting the place and in return gettina percentage of the profits made on the day advertised. However, if anyone has any other ideas that would be good, they’d be greatly appreciated.

I’ve noticed also thus far that no one ever likes buying from catalogues at our school. And right now we’re considering raffling off something like and iPod or something. Anyone tried anything that worked well at your school? Something different? Brought in money?

Thanks in advance.

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8 Responses to “What is the best way to fundraise money for a school club?”

  1. Nicky said :

    I would recommend trying to have a yard sale, outside of school. If you have any books, toys or games that you haven’t played with in a while, take it out. If 15 people each bring in 10 things, you already have 150 things to sell!

  2. thunda_katt1 said :


    if you auction or raffle off anything like an ipod, the problem is you gotta first get the ipod and you gotta make profit off the ipod. meaning you gotta get the money it took to buy it plus a lil extra… try a STUDENT AUCTION…. if every1 in your club is open minded, and down to do whatever it takes to raise money. ITS WHERE YOU AUCTION OFF THE STUDENTS IN THE CLUB/ ORGANIZATION TO THE OTHER STUDENTS ON CAMPUS…

    as an example, when i did it, i sold for $30. and so the next day the ones who bought me, put me in a dress and made me wash their car… but it was $30 bucks we needed… not to mention it was pretty funny

  3. bc87 said :

    So, being in california, you can’t sell anything not “nutritious”. I had the same problem too in my school.

    Well… someone around the club had an idea of a candy black market. So we sold the candy secretly without the knowledge of the administration. We made ALOT of money. I never knew that people were really into candy.

  4. coastal_bird100 said :

    Something our school choir does that’s really successful is they sell what’s called “gold cards”. Basically, these gold cards get you special deals (2 for one, or buy one, get one half off type thing) or a discount at local restaurants and things. This year, they were really popular because they had an amazing deal at a tuxedo place, and they sell them a few weeks before prom, so a lot a guys bought them.
    Anyway, it helps the local businesses get customers, and the choir get a lot of money… I think it’s $20 per card. There’s no catalogs or anything either, each student is given several gold cards (however many they plan on selling), and they sell them for cash or a check. Then, when the time is up, they are responsible for returning either the money or the cards. Does that make sense? It takes a little work to coordinate with the businesses, but it brings in a lot of money for us. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.

  5. Jaime said :

    try going around to popular places and talking to people in charge to see if they are willing to donate certificates or anything of the sort and then have an auction. send emails to companies too.

  6. devin_mcclintock said :

    I thank you should do a dance at your school and charge for tickets to get in. before doing so make a big announcement on what your plan is and do a survey on a type of them you want it to be on. Make shore it’s on something affordable and what you know, you and your group can handle. Take it to a hole other level; make shore you make big flyers, let all teachers know, and other families know about the dance. Than get the iPod and raffling tickets and sell it at the dance. This will get a lot of money for your group. It mite take some time but it’s worth it and it will get you the type of money your looking for.

  7. H R said :

    I know people who hhave done it with this for their schools. Just don’t all join from the same computers.

    I am a huge believer in showing proof of payment. Thats why I have pics of checks I have been paid, a 1099 Tax form, etc. on my site for all to see.

    I have found several legitimate work at home sites so far, and I made $500+ in October, over $700 in November, $900+ in December, and $700+ in January. They are free to join.

    Please click my screen name or avatar for more information and a link for proof of payment.

    And by the way–never join a work at home program that wants you to pay up front. If they were making that much money, they wouldn’t need to charge you.

  8. catin camionneuse said :

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