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What is the best bank/checking account for a small business?

I am starting a book publishing company. It’s small, no employees, just myself. I have 2 clients and plan to sell the books online. What’s the best bank to do business with, and the best biz checking account they offer, considering the small scale of business? Want one that does not have a high monthly fee or require a large daily balance, and preferably with a bank with locations nationwide. I am located in Washington, DC. Thanks.

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2 Responses to “What is the best bank/checking account for a small business?”

  1. Rip C said :

    The interesting thing about banks is they all have special promotions at different times. What you really want to have is one that will allow you to pay bills on-line without extra charges. One that allows you to have multiple deposits into your account and low charges for any bounced customer checks. You will also want to set up a separate savings account so you can transfer funds into it to pay your taxes and use for overdraft protection. This will keep you bank happy. I would look for one close to you business or home so you don’t have to go out of your way other than that most of them are pretty much the same. I use Wells Fargo. Hope this helps Good luck with your business.

  2. Modesto Simoncini said :

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