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What is the best bank to put my money (checking/saving) in in nyc?

I want to have access to branches all over, and I want a reliable bank with a good reputation.
any suggestions?

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2 Responses to “What is the best bank to put my money (checking/saving) in in nyc?”

  1. vincent s said :

    I do not trust any banks anymore FDIC is broke , 200 more banks expected to fail. they get taken over on friday’s . Its called FDIC friday when you take all your money out on friday and if the bank did not fail you put it back in on monday. Buy gold or silver use that ass your savings it will keep pace with inflation. Paper money will loose purchasing power big time once all this bail out money gets out in
    the economy

  2. Lacy Hauth said :

    Hi, this an astonishing post man. Thnkx Unfortunately I am having problem with the rss feed. Unable to subscribe. So anyone having similar rss feed trouble? Anybody who knows kindly reply. TQ


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