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What is the best bank in Quebec, Canada that will fit my needs?

I’m planning to move in Quebec for a job however all my credit cards are based here in the states and also my checking and savings accounts. I’m using Bank of America, is there any bank in Quebec that can transfer money from my bank and vice versa on a regular basis?

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2 Responses to “What is the best bank in Quebec, Canada that will fit my needs?”

  1. sestud69 said :

    There are Bank of America branches up in Quebec. However, the name may be the same but they could be a completely different entity from Bank of America in the states.
    Bank of Montreal is the popular choice here. They have branches all over the place in Quebec. Another bank is Toronto Dominion Bank. But if I was moving to Quebec, I would choose Bank of Montreal. Check with BOM to see if they can set up ACH transfers for you. Bank of Montreal must have the Billpay feature. Which if you are set up with them, you can just pay by cheque over internet banking. Also, wire transfers is an option but can be expensive if you are sending on a regular basis.

  2. tuna said :

    We have recently moved to Quebec City and have found that the best bank is TD CanadaTrust. I’ve found they are the friendliest and have the most english speaking staff – which is rather important when dealing with financial terms.


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