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What is an adequate success fee (%) to pay a corporate advisor when raising finance?

I am looking to appoint a corporate advisor to help us to raise funds. I have looked at a few ones but I was wondering if anyone has experience using this type of services and what kind of fee is appropriate. Many thanks.

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2 Responses to “What is an adequate success fee (%) to pay a corporate advisor when raising finance?”

  1. Steve B said :

    From your point of view ?
    (I would have thought ‘as little as possible’)

    From the advisers point of view ?
    == as much as possible …

    All fees of this type are negotiable = I suggest you negotiate BEFORE appointing some-one 🙂

  2. sensual one said :

    I would like to apply for this position. I have plenty experience in this line of work, although it has always been in the voluntary sector. It would be nice to be paid to do this, although by my experience of life, I fully inderstand the best jobs in the world, you don’t get paid for. You get paid by the achievements…. that allows you to go forward and assist where help is needed the most. The smile you put on a person’s face, the hope you give to people, the continued support of just letting them know you are doing all you can. The going to bed at night knowing that because of you, somebody out there has been helped that day. I do not believe in the fat cat salaries most people are after. It is very hard to raise the cash these days, never mind claiming vast sums for youself. I would settle for enough to pay my rent and normal living expenses… anything else is just a bonus in life.
    I wish you all the best in the advice you get here, and all the best in your recruitment. It is not easy, I know.

    CV etc on application
    [email protected]


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