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What is a good bank to open a brokerage account with?

I’m like 20 years old and I have over 15g’s in the bank and I want to start investing. I was wondering what bank would be good to start a brokerage account with. Thankyou for your help.

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3 Responses to “What is a good bank to open a brokerage account with?”

  1. ELF Earth Life Form - Aubrey said :

    Leave the money in the bank for now and start practiice investing.
    I joined Tokiwa investments here in Japan a few weeks ago.
    I like that they are not pressuring me to invest until I am ready.
    Tokiwa is for investing in the FOREX market.
    If you do not know FOREX then check it out at
    There is a tab for practice accounts so you can loose some pretend money before you put in your own cash.
    There are a number of advantages to FOREX and a definate risk of loss especialy if you don’t know what you are doing.
    So Practice, Practice, Practice. If you like FOREX then look me up and I’ll guide you through it. It is better to have between $20,000 and $30,000 to start with so keep saving and in the time you work up another $5,000 you will be ready to invest.

  2. jebediabartlett said :

    What’s the best hamburger place to get a hot dog?
    In other words go with a ” brokerage house”…not the bank.
    Go on-line to Fidelity…Vanguard..Scott-trade..E-trade
    It’s not complicated, and YOU will be in charge ( with all sorts of help)
    Suggestion number one: Get some of that money into an IRA account…THAT’s your FUTURE ! ( and you can invest/ trade in that account…with all gains tax- free! )
    Read, read, read …at moneycentral/msn…cnbc site…finance/yahoo. Just a few nights or a weekend learning will change your whole financial future…take care of that money you’ve earned and saved…and make it grow.

  3. jinyin x said :

    Hi, i recommand you a good and basic tutorial for investing. it covers all Issues related to your Investing and everything around it.

    wish it will help you.


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