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What is a bank inspection that is given at an apartment complex?

The apartment complex that we lease has set up a “bank inspection”. They will be coming into our unit to inspect it, but why? What is a bank inspection exactly? What will they be inspecting?

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One Response to “What is a bank inspection that is given at an apartment complex?”

  1. bostonianinmo said :

    The property owner is probably re-financing the loan on the property or pledging it as security for a loan. The bank is requiring an inspection to determine the value of the property. They’ll be looking for things that affect the value of the property such as general state of repair and quality of construction, etc.

    Your lease obliges you to allow the landlord to inspect the property at reasonable hours with advance notice. This inspection comes under that clause so you do have to accomodate the inspector. In most cases the inspection will only take a few minutes.


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