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What happens when we link credit card to paypal?

I am new to paypal and i have just verified my account, now i need to link my credit card. What will happen when i do, would the amount of money in my bank appear in the paypal balance? or something?

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3 Responses to “What happens when we link credit card to paypal?”

  1. john said :

    When you link a credit card to your paypal account it will be saved to your account.
    When you buy something via internet then u can use your ppaypal account.
    When u link credit card your balance will not be shown on paypal.
    Paypal cant get your balance.
    As my knowledge,
    Dont use paypal,
    If someone hack your account,
    He/she can directly shop on your card.
    Use net banking,Itz cash.
    You can enter your card details when you buy something.
    Dont use paypal.
    I know a softwarethat provides secure payment via verisign,
    Best of Luck!

  2. awesomegourds said :

    No Your Bank Balance Will Not Appear At Pay Pal , Your Card Is Just Registered There And When You Make A Purchase You Wont Have To Enter Your Card Every time And Pass It Out To Every Seller You Deal With, When You Make A Purchase It will Automatically Use The Card . Its Fairly Simple , You Will Get The Hang Of It Quick.

  3. Jaime Geckles said :

    Thank you for this specific info I was basically researching all Yahoo to be able to find it!


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