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What does it mean for a credit card to be a platinum credit card?

Many credit cards say they are platinum, and say platinum on them. I know there’s got to be a meaning for that. But what does it mean? How is a platinum credit card different from a non-platinum credit card?

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4 Responses to “What does it mean for a credit card to be a platinum credit card?”

  1. bdancer222 said :

    Once upon a time long, long ago, a gold card meant something. Back in the days before everything was computerized, merchants had to dial a phone and call for authorizations for charges of more than $50. If you had a gold card, it was $100.

    Now the color of the card means nothing. It’s just a marketing ploy. You can pretty much get the same interest rates, limits, rewards, and other account terms on any color card. It all depends on your creditworthiness. Don’t worry about colors and cute names. Read the fine print and find the terms you want.

  2. drive_55_not said :

    As the other girl said,, It’s just a marketing gimmick,, Years ago, like back in thr early 80’s, Gold cards started being marketed as a better credit card, then came ‘Platinum’, then ‘Titanium’ ,,

    Now,, the ultra sheik cards being marketed currently are either ‘Black’ , or ‘White’ …

    First Premier advertises a ‘Platinum’ card and the ain’t anything premium about their card,,

  3. Smart Balance Transfers said :

    Honestly, platinum really means nothing. With American Express, it has some extra benefits and a much higher fee, but ultimately, platinum is now a meaningless credit card word.

    When looking for a credit card, stick to one that offers the best rates, charges no annual fee, and offers cash back rewards. If its platinum, its platinum. If its not, then no big deal.

  4. Kamilah Meland said :

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