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What country has the highest interest rates, and can I open a bank account there?

just because the low interest rates in our country, I don’t fancy opening a savings account so is there a better bank in an other country?
And can I open an account?

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4 Responses to “What country has the highest interest rates, and can I open a bank account there?”

  1. Ikaros said :

    High interest rates are always fishy. A lot of people in my country put their savings on an account in Iceland with an interest rate of over 5%, and that bank went down. Especially in these economic times I would just settle for something safe.

  2. howdoileave? said :

    I can only suggest that you check out the Triodos Bank. I have had my money in it since 3 recessions ago, & very glad I am.

  3. Eddy T said :

    It is too much of a trouble to open a bank account in another country just for the highest interest rates. It is better that your money is kept in your country and at a bank nearest and easily accessible to you. Worry about your principal amount not the interest rates.

  4. steffi said :

    Watch this! This is what happened in the Iceland Banks, who went bust, losing savers their capital.
    Two other possibilities. It’s a good time to buy shares, although you can’t tell what companies may lose out these days, or in material assets, like art or antiques. Even in that, prices can fluctuate, and you can lose money, especially in a recession where possible buyers don’t have the money for such luxuries.
    Your main concern should be to protect your money against inflation. It is no good having high interest rates if your capital is losing buying power by inflation.


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