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What can be done with a bank account number and sort code?

What can be done, legally or illegally, if I was to give someone my bank account and sort code, along with the name of the bank (not my name)?
Please note I am in the UK.

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6 Responses to “What can be done with a bank account number and sort code?”

  1. Moogy said :

    i think that the worst that can happen is that they pay money into your account

  2. Ryan J said :

    Anything. They can produce false checks with that number to buy things, or simply drain your account through a wire transfer.


  3. On my way to Zion said :

    yep agree with the first answerer.

  4. DAVE P said :

    Have you found a cheque,and want some extra cash?

  5. Jan409 said :

    I’d say a lot of financial damage could be done by giving out this sort of information………so beware.

  6. phooey said :

    This is the information you give out anyway everytime you use your debit card, write a cheque, or make anelectronic transfer.
    They could pay money into your account but they won’t have any means to draw it out.
    Don’t worry it’s safe.


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