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What bank should I start an account in?

I move to different cities a lot due to school. My current bank is not available in a lot of Texas cities. What bank should I use now? I want the bank to be available literally everywhere like starbucks.

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4 Responses to “What bank should I start an account in?”

  1. sharkie said :

    Go to i think…

  2. Help Desk said :

    May be Citibank.

  3. deymond said :

    Thanks for not naming those Texas cities, that might’ve allowed someone to give an informed answer to your question.

    Go to and search for banks in one of the cities you frequent. Then find that bank’s website, and look to see if they have branches in the other cities that you frequent.

  4. Honey83 said :

    Wachovia, it’s everywhere.


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