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What are the pay day loan collections people going to say to my boss?

About a year ago i made a stupid mistake of getting online pay day loans. They ended up taking hundreds out of my bank account with me knowing. Anyways they say I owe them and I refuse to talk to them at work. I even told them not to call me at work (i was told they had to stop if you did that) Anyways this morning i was answering the phones at my work and they asked for me (i knew it was them because they are foreign and used my maiden name) i told them i was not available and then they asked to speak to my boss! I must have stupidly put her name down on something. Anyways i put them in my voice mail. Does any one have any idea why they want to talk to my boss? What could that possibly do for them? How can i get them to stop bothering me at work?

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7 Responses to “What are the pay day loan collections people going to say to my boss?”

  1. Ask M said:

    hopefully nothing, it is illegal to call you at work

    Put it in writing

  2. I_Love_McRedneck said:

    Take their call the next time and tell them if they ever call you at work again, you’re taking them to court.

  3. Johnny Dope said:

    You should have filled out a confidentiality agreement, but they probobly want to ask your boss whether or not you really work for them. They’re not trying to collect from the boss, they’re trying to talk to you, and they figure your boss can reach you. Maybe you should call them saying that because they kept calling you at work you lost your job, and that they can no longer reach you at that number or they will press charges. Tell them that you have a new work number at a different office with a different company, and that they can reach you wherever. Have a talk with your boss to reject any calls they receive at the office. Basically make it clear to them that you are not working there anymore, and get them to change your contact information. Make sure you say if they bother that company again they will press charges for soliciting over the phone.

  4. sammy said:

    They will probably want to garnish your wages to get their money back.

  5. Feeling Mutual said:

    It is illegal for them to tkae money out of your bank account without you known. You should call the police.

    These are criminals.

  6. SCH said:

    You need to put it in writing that they cannot contact you at work, otherwise they will continue trying to call you there…just telling them over the phone is not a legal way to get them to quit calling there.

    Fair Debt Collection Act states they can contact anyone whom they wish to get information about you to attempt to collect the debt…so they are most likely trying to get new contact information on you. There isn’t much you can do to get them not to contact her, other than making a payment arrangment with them so that they know you will pay them off. They can only tell them they are attempting to collect a debt from you and they need to contact you and so they are wanting her to give them your information. They must disclose what company they are with and why they want to speak to you…so that will let your boss know you have a bad debt. Your boss can also let them know they aren’t allowed to call the office again, but again it would have to be in writing.

    Good Luck

  7. ed m said:

    you was stupid to get involved to start with and now the only thing you can really do is pay them off == they can and will put a lean on your wages!!!


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