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what are the legal consequences of not paying on pay day loans?

i got into some trouble with pay day loans and finally had to quit paying on them because i couldnt pay my other bills, but now the calls are coming every day threats of jail, and they have even come in person to my home and where i work. is there any way out of this mess?

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5 Responses to “what are the legal consequences of not paying on pay day loans?”

  1. dragonfly_3 said :

    The way out is to pay them. They are very good at what they do and they will make your life miserable and ruin your credit. Do whatever you need to do to get them off your back. Good luck!

  2. steveangela1 said :

    BANKRUPTSY, those people prey on people who get short on money and it gets to the point where u can never catch up.. i went through this a year ago… and we got to the point of bankrupsy.. this is a loan not a check… and it can be discharged… sounds like u are having a lot of financial trouble so that would be the best thing for u.. a clean slate… and use it for what it is.. to start over, and remember BUDGET BUDGET BUDGET and stick with it

  3. nicolasraage said :

    Tell them not to call anymore, and not to bother you at work. They are not allowed to hassell you like that.

    You do owe them money, but they can not threaten you. I wouldn’t worry about jail. That is highly unlikely. Send them a certified letter telling them not to call you or visit you.

  4. panther10758 said :

    Check your state and local laws. I would also look at contract you signed at time of loan. You are clearly in a BIG mess the sooner you pay those loans off the better and NEVER do it again! I realize the advice I gave is limited but without seeing contract or knowing you state/locals Laws no one can help much. In some states yes you could go to jail.

  5. angyeberly said :

    find a credit union near where you live or work and talk to someone in the loan department about a loan to pay off the payday loans. discuss credit counseling to learn how to manage your money. be honest and forthright about your credit and ability to repay. go to the counselors the credit union recommends–not ones you hear about on tv or the internet. also discuss with the credit union your rights under the fair debt collections act. you cannot be sent to jail for nonpayment of unsecured debts. if someone is coming to your place of work or home and threatening you, call the police. take license numbers and file a complaint. if you tell a debt collector to stop calling you, they must stop. call your county attorney’s office to see if they can help.


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