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What are some benefits of having electronic money as opposed to paper?

I am writing a paper on why electronic money is better than real money and I need some more reasons. Ive already got things like speed and convience but I need more because it is like a 5 page paper. even links to this kind of argument would help. Basically why is it a good thing to switch from paper money to electronic money and credit cards
even links to this kind of argument would be helpful

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5 Responses to “What are some benefits of having electronic money as opposed to paper?”

  1. kris h said :

    Well, for one thing you never have to worry about being permanently without money. If you have cash, if you lose it then that’s it. With credit cards or debit cards you can report it lost or stolen and receive another one.

  2. Kat said :

    i have an easier time spending cash! Also with electronic money your supposed to balance a check book so you should always be able to keep track of your money!

  3. Clarissa said :

    well Need money?

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  4. Chris said :

    I get a yearly recap from my credit card company on what I spent my money on, broken down into categories – such as gas station, grocery store, etc. It’s nice to see where the money actually went and if I didn’t realize how much I was spending in certain areas, I could use the information to make changes for the future.

    If I run across a sale I didn’t know about, I know I can take advantage of it using my credit card – I might not have had enough cash money with me. So it could afford me a better life style for the same dollar value.

    When you want to rent some items – such as a car or a moving van, the vendor wants you to leave a deposit. They usually take the credit card information but don’t run it through so nothing has been added to my card, if I was depositing cash with them I’d be short the cash for the amount of time I rented the item.

    How about shopping online? It would be a slower process if I had to mail in a check before they would send me my purchase.

    I remember a few friends telling me how it was safer/easier for them to pay at the gas pump with a credit card – they had small kids in the car. So paying cash would have meant either leaving them alone while they went into the store or taking the kid(s) with them (and sometimes having to wake them up).

    Almost forgot, I accumulate points on my credit card that I redeem for free items. I’ve redeemed them for a replacement toaster when my sister’s broke, spiral cut ham for Easter dinner, blow up queen size mattress for when family stays overnight.

    That’s all I can think of now; hope it helps.

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