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Poof of address in order to get a business bank account?

I live in Spain, I need a business bank account in order to run my business (sole trader). My bank require that I have proof of UK address. How do i do this when I don’t have any utility bills etc?

I have no problem running my business in the Uk from Spain, its just this proof of address problem.

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2 Responses to “Poof of address in order to get a business bank account?”

  1. rooranie said :

    Ask the landlord of the office space you’re renting to write a notarized letter or show your lease. If the property is yours, show deed, mortgage statments etc. or im sure you have a phone bill

  2. bennachie1 said :

    Not sure what you need here
    is it a UK bank account you need
    a Spanish one.

    IF UK

    Do they want proof of a residential address.

    I think you can get round this by having registered office in the UK,

    can you have a business bank account in Spain set up with a bank
    Santander springs to mind
    They have branches in the uk – then transfer the account to a UK branch.

    If it is a Spanish one you need and they are asking for Proof of a UK Address then someone
    is missing the point – That is you live in Spain
    so why would you have a Uk address.
    If this is the case then ask if a business address in the UK is acceptable –


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