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please I want to know more about forex. I want to participate in trading activities of foreign exchange?

I want to know how to participate in trading activities of foreign exchange currencies stock and shares via internet.

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4 Responses to “please I want to know more about forex. I want to participate in trading activities of foreign exchange?”

  1. Emily P said :

    Just type trading fx and equities into google to find some firms that offer you brokerage accounts. I’d go on a training course first – it isn’t as easy as people make out to trade.

  2. amigo said :

    I started trading forex back in 2004. I opened a demo trading account with an online fx firm– No capital was required to open an account, no tedious documentations, and it only took me less rhan two minutes to set up this demo account.

    Soon as you have your demo account setup, you simply log in and you can start trading. OANDA’s trading platform is web-based. You do not have to download anything to your computer. What’s good about web-based trading platforms is that you can trade from anywhere that you have internet access. OANDA’s trading platform, IMO, is easy to use, stable, and reliable even on peak trading hours

    Even with a demo account, the prices that you will use to buy and sell currencies are the same market prices used in a live account, and in real time. So when you open and close a position, you will know if your trading strategy will make you money or not.

    As for your trading method, that you will have to develop for yourself over time. There are plenty of resources on the internet where you can learn how to trade. I’d recommend that you join a trading forum to learn more about trading. is a one of the more popular forums specifically made for forex traders. I also find and very informative.

  3. flying_eagle said :

    Cool another person who wants to trade forex.

    1. Read and educate yourself about trading: technical analysis is an important aspect to study when trading forex
    2. Be careful of Forex scams out there. Use common sense and find reviews of forex dealers out there
    3. Have a money management/risk management plan.

  4. Aubrey Doheny said :

    Enormously insightful thanks, I do think your subscribers will likely want significantly more articles similar to this maintain the great work.

  5. Tena Sansone said :

    gambling online


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