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Pay Day Loans?

I took out a couple of pay day loans back in 2006. I checked my credit report about two weeks ago and didn’t see them listed on there. I wanted to know if they would show up later on on my credit report or does pay day loans not show up on your credit report at all.
I have not paid anything off on them and it has been a whole year now. SO, does this mean that it won’t show up on my credit report?


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5 Responses to “Pay Day Loans?”

  1. Amanda H said :

    They can show up IF they are taken to collections. If you took the loan and paid it off, no, it will never show on your report. Mos tof those companies dont report those loans.

  2. cak_ask said :

    Going forward – DO NOT USE THESE!
    Just for your own “interests”.

  3. sharriaries said :

    They only show up if you don’t pay them soon enough. Ususalyy, you have to pay the loan back in less than a month. If you pay if off, it hasn’t been there long enough to count. If you have a balance owed to them for more than a month, it will report. But it will not be considered a bad report if you pay as agreed. It’s when you miss payments etc that it can affect your credit in a bad way.
    Hope you don’t have to use them again, the interest is a complete rip off unless your in an emergency!!

  4. Missing You said :

    They can if they take you to collections. This could take a year or two but they have I think up till four years to report it.

  5. Steve R said :

    You better start paying these off quickly. The interest rates can be over 30% a month.


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