On average, how much money does a person spend in a lifetime?

Most of us spend money everyday of our lives; whether it’s doing the weekly grocery shopping, buying new clothes or even paying those parking fines – money is constantly being spent. The life expectancy for men and women is 77 and 81 years respectively[1]. Taking this into account, approximately how much money does the average person spend in a lifetime?

[1] National Statistics, Government Actuary’s Department, UK.

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12 Responses to “On average, how much money does a person spend in a lifetime?”

  1. Why Not said:

    Depends on who you are, what you do, where you live….You need to be more specific!! Too many variables involved

  2. Lyn K said:

    too much !!!!!!!!!

  3. Wondering said:

    Dam thats a real good question! “The world may never know”

  4. karoline v said:

    depends on how long you stay alive

  5. shopper_143 said:

    2 Million?

  6. ridge63 said:

    All they have

  7. ketman100 said:

    Theres no such thing as an average person.

  8. antagonist said:

    shed loads

  9. goldeni009 said:

    Thats a Project that would take a Gorvenment department a month minimum to answer. Are u crazy!

  10. thisisme said:

    Too much! I would rather not know! But a person can only spend what they have. I think it really depends on how they deal with the money they have.

  11. Frutticup said:

    A very well researched question which is impossible to answer. Lots, more than lots if you win the lottery or marry a footballer, not so much if you are born in the Sudan or become a nun.

  12. scallywag said:

    still searching to buy a calculator that will accommodate the number digits in the figure……


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