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Need help to pay off Pay Day Loans!?

I am in over my head. I used pay day loans to pay my bills & now my account is overdrawn & I need help. I can’t pay my mortgage, bills, & car note. I need someone to believe in me & allow me to repay with a reasonable interest rate. Please help!!

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7 Responses to “Need help to pay off Pay Day Loans!?”

  1. deathhead721 said :

    maybe you have a truck and can do skids you can make 200 300 a day doing skids

  2. colorado said :

    Go to credit counselor service in your area for help,or try the Luck.

  3. J. S said :

    You should contact your mortgage holder and tell them what’s going on. They would probably be able to put you on “interest only” payments until you get back on your feet. Even the loan company for your car might be willing to do the same. And, perhaps that would give you a little room to pay your other bills. You might be pleasantly surprised with the way these companies will work with you……they want to keep you as a customer….not take your house/car! Just from previous experience, talk to them asap! Just don’t fall into the trap of getting another loan….work with the ones you have.

  4. Dan M said :

    You should check out my website to get a credit card to pay off your bills. They have 0% interest for a year so that gives you a little while to pay them off. Yahoo won’t let me put my website on here so just e-mail me at http://[email protected]
    to get my website address.

  5. 123 said :

    I used

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    It is a good site. I applied and received my loan in I think 1 or 2 days.

    They are really professional and provide great customer service.

  6. oliver_easyloan said :

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  7. anonymous said :

    Try I was in the same boat as you, I think I had about 5 or 6 payday loans that needed to be paid off. I went on Prosper, pleaded my case, and got a loan.


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