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My wife and I are wanting to open a joint bank account, which is the best bank to go to?

Also what documentation would we need to take with us?
What advice can you give us, as we normally have our own bank accounts and feel with all the outgoings it would be more sensible to have a joint account.

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7 Responses to “My wife and I are wanting to open a joint bank account, which is the best bank to go to?”

  1. George P said :

    We went to Lloyds and Barclays – Lloyds were very over-zealous about addresses etc, turning us down because their database called our address a ‘flat’ but our other ID said ‘apartment’ etc. Their process for opening the account was more lengthy than Barclays.

    However, although the Barclays account was easier to open, it pays very poor interest.

  2. zara said :


  3. superchipbigal said :

    Just a friendly word of caution.Joint accounts are relatively easy to open but oh so difficult to close.Just be careful.

  4. adrianblue7 said :

    The Bank of Marijuana

  5. bex said :

    llyods tsb you need 2 letters confirming your address some id, passport or driving license etc, they will do credit check on you ,but you will have to wait till monday now though banks closed

  6. KEWLBLOKE said :

    It depends upon what your requirement is. If you browse the financial section of your daily, or buy a Money or Finance magazine they will list the banks and their deals.
    You will need to take, for each of you, a Passport or Driving Licence with photo, proof of address (e.g. two utility bills over the past two months) and some banks will ask for other statements.

  7. Norman Stdenny said :

    Thanks for sharing!


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