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Is there a list of legitimate pay day loans anywhere by state?

I know all the stories about these companies but I need the loan desperately and I will pay it back in full.

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3 Responses to “Is there a list of legitimate pay day loans anywhere by state?”

  1. Jeanne R said :

    There is no such thing as a “good” payday loan. The loans are very high interest, and until the usury laws were repealed, would have been illegal.

  2. Henry K said :

    checkout this for low interest rate loans from many legit companies and worldwide banks try this for more info

  3. the cats' mother said :

    Don’t go to a payday loan company. they are all crooks. IN
    Canada they are trying to get them outlawed. Go to a bank or credit union (preferably a credit union because they are much more lenient on lending money than a bank would be) Tell them how much and what you need it for and I bet you will get the loan. Any ‘loan’ company will charge you huge rates of interest compared to a bank or credit union because they know people are intimidated by banks or that they are afraid they have bad credit and think they won’t get a loan anywhere else.


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