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Is it complicated for an accountant to give a copy of your tax returns to you?

I just asked the secretary of our accountant that prepared our 2006 Tax Returns if he had a copy of our taxes, becasue we didnt have them for some reason and she said it she wasnt sure if I could have them because that would be a very “Complicated sensitive process.” and she would have to get back to me. Is this true?

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8 Responses to “Is it complicated for an accountant to give a copy of your tax returns to you?”

  1. Wayne Z said :

    The accountant is probably gone on vacation. 10/15 was the last day to file for people who filed extensions. Other than that, it is very easy: Open the software, pull up your return, hit the print button.

  2. Llani said :

    No, it is not. And they should keep copies for several years.

  3. Judy said :

    Give me a break – shouldn’t be complicated. Sensitive in that they wouldn’t give your return out to just anyone, but it’s yours so not sensitive to give it to you.

  4. wartz said :

    Go to client file
    Pull Copy
    Go to photocopy machine
    make copy
    give to client
    Required tools, photocopy machine, IQ higher than room temperature

  5. bakhan said :

    No.. it is not complicated at all. in fact she should have one copy, a duplicate one for your records. I do not know what she meant by her comment , but we all get a duplicate copy of the document for our own records.
    And it is your right to have one, after all you are a tax payer and need to know the details.

  6. bostonianinmo said :

    She’s an idiot or she’s lazy beyond imagination. Or maybe a temp from “Souls’ Harbor.” One of two situations applies. Either it’s stored electronically or in a paper filing cabinet. They can call up the electronic copy and print it out in a few mouse clicks. If it’s in a filing cabinet, she can pull it out and photocopy it. Either way would take less than 5 minutes.

    If that’s too complicated for her, she should resign and get a job flipping burgers or picking up trash along the highways. She would need to have an IQ higher than a door stop, but only slightly so.

  7. JP said :

    Did you pay the accountants bill for doing your return? If not, I can see why they may want to give you the run around.

    If you did pay your bill, a copy should be easy to get. In fact, ask them to email it to you. That way, you’ll have an electronic copy if you ever need to send it out to lenders, credit agencies, etc. Of course, suggest that they password protect it.

  8. StephenWeinstein said :



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