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Is inheritance money from the sale of a house taxable?

My mother in law died in 2005. Her house was sold in 2007. My husband received the money. Is this money taxable. We live in Florida.

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One Response to “Is inheritance money from the sale of a house taxable?”

  1. Jo Blo said :


    if your husband inherited the house in 2005 and sold it in 2007, and the value of the house went up during the time he owned it, then he would pay tax on the gain in value from the time he inherited the house until the time it was sold.
    He could deduct expenses of selling the house and any fix up he did before selling such as paint carpet, etc.
    If the value didn’t go up, there would be no gain and no tax to pay.

    If your husband was just given the money as an inheritance, if he never owned the house,, there is no tax due.


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