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I have several Pay Day Loans what can they do to me if i can’t pay?

My husband had sugery and i am not working now. there is no income and he has a payday loan due. they are calling me and harrasing us. Can they do this? What can they do to us? i have tried to talk to them and see if i can make payments and they are so rude it isn’t even funny. i wanted to reach through the phone and punch the guy. I want so bad to fix this how can I?

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3 Responses to “I have several Pay Day Loans what can they do to me if i can’t pay?”

  1. Zzyzx said :

    They can sue you, and garnish your wages (in most states)

    They can lien your bank accounts, car, and/or house (again depending on state)

    Your best bet is try to work a deal out with them.

  2. pooksilby said :

    First of all, it is against the law to harass you over money owed. They cannot call you at all hours and if you ask them to stop calling you they must. Must companies will work with you because they’d rather get their money without having to go through the expense of court. They can take you to court and get a judgment which goes on your credit record. They can get a lien on your property if they can’t garnish your wages. Most cities have credit counseling services. Look in the government blue pages of your phone book. They can help you fend off the vultures. If you just don’t pay it and they don’t bother to get a judgment, then you’re home free. But those payday loan people are in it for the money and they probably have lawyers waiting in the wings ready to pounce.

  3. Russ said :

    Unfortunately unless defaulting in credit card payments if the company is holding a written pre dated check from you they can use that as a legal promisary note and in lots of states you can and will serve jail time for bad checks. Best thing to do is not to avoid them and work out a payment plan this will usually stop compounded interest on the check, the company would much rather settle for even part of the money then for the hassel of sending you to jail or attaching your wages.


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