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How would I get a Job in Finance?

I already help out with accounts in my present job, I’ve done a Sage Line50 stage 1, 2 & 3 Course but I feel I would like to move up the ladder a bit. I am not very experienced I just help the accounts lady in my current, like accounts assistant! But I feel I would like more responsibilites and would like a career in Finance, I am 25 this year and need to get my career sorted before I settle down and have babies 🙂

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4 Responses to “How would I get a Job in Finance?”

  1. robbo1974 said :

    well nothing wrong with having a look around with other jobs is there

  2. sasasasasasasasasasasa said :

    you do not have yo work, you could marry a person and he could help you out. or you may work hard to get to the top. well i am just 11 but i am sure thet you will get a job if you work hard. by the way you must never give up!

  3. Mohd Taha. . said :

    sure it’s not her you wil find a job just send you cv to papers to finance ways ?
    don’t wait somebody knocking your door you do the first step ok

  4. Steve O said :

    Sell your body, but only if you’re half-decent and haven’t let yourself go, like most caucasian women. I married a Thai. Much tasier XD


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