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How to set up a company and bank account in Jersey-UK?


Is that possible for some one who lives in London to set up a:
Company bank account
Virtual Office
In Jersey UK?
Are there any companys that can provide this service from distance?
Please leave there websites,emails,names etc.


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3 Responses to “How to set up a company and bank account in Jersey-UK?”

  1. Kernow Lady said :

    You would have to be very very rich before they would even consider you.

  2. TM said :

    Yes, as an example see the link. Plenty of companies do this if you search on “jersey company incorporation”. Take some advice though because Jersey may not be the best place for your incorporation due to costs/tax/regulatory environment. Depends in what you are looking to do. Also you don’t have to have the bank account in the same country as the company, sometimes doing this forgoes some of the tax benefits.

  3. Onestep downfrom God said :

    But don’t forget that if the company is managed from the UK it is liable to UK taxation.


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