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How to save as much money as I can as a student?

I have no money and would like a bit in case for emergencies and to start saving for the future.I am 23. Thank you.

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10 Responses to “How to save as much money as I can as a student?”

  1. James D said :

    reality check , credit crunch , no one is saving

  2. cuteseygirl said :

    if u hav a bank every day u can say to put $1 in every day and then once u get more more u can put $5 in every day, whenever u get money, put it in a bank, also start a part time job

  3. Prodigal Son said :

    When I was a student I saved £25 per week into a savings acount no matter what, I lived frugally and cut out all the things I did not really need. I was always happy because no matter what I had food in my belly and a roof over my head. Basically it’s a case of either cutting out or cutting down the things you don’t really need, food is necessary for your surivival, but alcohol is not.

  4. mrkittypong said :

    Watch every penny you spend, don’t buy expense vie coffee’s or food, you can blow a lot of money this way. Pack your lunch!

  5. John L said :

    When doing your food shopping, stick to buying the stores’ ‘own brand’ items rather than brand names. Also, keep your eyes open for money off coupons in magazines and fliers. If you go out socially regularly, just take out the money that you intend to spend that night, don’t take credit card/debit card so that you won’t overspend.
    Any spare change you’ve got, put into a jar and once a month, put it into a savings account.

  6. viks said :

    Make a list of everything you’ve got coming in and going out, then sort yourself a budget and stick to it! Easy enough to say, but much more difficult to put into practise! Set up a direct debit going into a savings account, even if it’s only £10 a month – I’ve found that that helps, since you don’t notice it too much and if you shop around for interest rates you can get a pretty good deal.

  7. WENDEL HOMES said :

    You are very wise to consider saving,
    Here are a few tips ,
    Save with a Mutual building society or a sensible prudent bank like Lloyds TSB.
    Purchase you needs from the value shops such as Aldi,Lidl, Netto.
    Never buy stuff that is bogof unless you or you friends can use it all before it is wasted.
    Try and share transport usage between friends.
    Restrict your nights out too around once a month and be sure to hold back from being silly, depositing the nights chime efforts onto the floor, this is bad economics… a costly drink wasted…let alone yourself.
    Most of all it makes the greater sense to follow your lectures and pay the greatest of heed …for your chances are multiplied if you can get through first time on whatever subject….your cost over time must be lowered.
    If possible aim for a part time job in a good restaurant as often as not there is a free meal thrown in as part of the deal, I say part time as your real aim is to study and valuable time is required for this as indeed is sleep.

  8. CLIVE H said :

    You can start making money right away by either opening a Saturday market stall in a street market near you, or else you can do very much the same at car boot sales – that’s if you’ve got a car or access to one.

    Other thing you could do, is go into partnership with another student and rent a shop and sell stuff from there. You buy it whole sale and sell it at retail with a one hundred percent markup. Just be sure it’s stuff people want, food. Dried food is easy as it has a massive shelf-life.

    So you rent your shop with your apartners and start selling. You can add services as you go, such as a message board where folk have to pay you £2 per week for a post card sized ad to be seen in the window etc

    You’ll quickly get the hang of it.

    Market stalls are a good idea.

    You do not say where you are, but this next set of links, tells you about renting market stalls here in London – basic – go thru’ find out as much as you can then apply it to where you live etc.

    The quickest way to make money is by selling stuff – stuff people want. Dried foods, herbs and spices that sort of thing.

    Wholesale dried herbs

    Good luck. . . .

  9. DEBRA F said :

    if you expect to save money you need to be a bit savvy with the little bit of cash you have.A few tips might be helpful:

    Take the free checks that the bank offers in the maximum amount they allow .
    Failure to keep track of your bank/checking account can easily cost you money via overdraft fees.
    If you have to have a credit card, make sure you get one with the lowest interest rate possible; no annual fees and with only enough of a credit limit to get you by in an emergency.
    Pay credit card bills on time.
    Serious about saving money.
    Save that spare change you’ve got jangling in your pocket or sloshing around in the bottom of your backpack or purse in a big jar or can somewhere out of the way

  10. keni said :

    have fun but drink only half-pints, buy your own and don’t pay for a round. Don’t save, just don’t get into debt.


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