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How to promote a finance website ?


I am struggling big big time at the moment.
Could anyone let me know how to promote a finance comparison website please ?

Using adwords already…but costing a fortune for poor result.
Same for overture.

Any other place I could use ? online or offline, or anything else ?

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4 Responses to “How to promote a finance website ?”

  1. MarketingDiva said :

    You may want to look into Search Engine Optimization. This will mean reworking each web page you have with the “right” amount of your specific keywords. This will improve your organic search engine rankings, and may allow you to reduce your Adwords budget. SEO takes some skill and time, but it can be a good investment in getting your site to come up.

    In a broader sense, I didn’t get from your post WHY your site is special. What problem are you solving for people? Do some thinking on what your unique value proposition is, and make sure your site reflects the answer to your customers’ needs.

    Good luck!

  2. Match Maker said :

    You first need to carefully define your target market: Who are you trying to reach? Then you have to determine the best way to reach them. From there, you have to craft a sales letter that gets them to come to your website. None of this is simple, but if you want success, you must do it.

    Suggested reading: Are You Missing Out on These Hidden Prospects? You can view it here:

    Thanks for asking,

  3. Leo H said :

    Learn the principles of article marketing
    Focus on your target market
    Build a list

  4. software submitter said :

    Very good info. A lot of people spent many hours doing simple tasks which should be automated or outsourced. There are many different software programmes that automate the simple processes that are well worth the few bucks being asked for them. Wouldn't you agree?


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