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How to make money on the movements of DOW and FTSE indices?

As an absolute beginner in the field of speculation on the financial markets, please guide me on how to exactly make money on the basis of the information on DOW and FTSE indices’ movements and dynamics?
Subsequently, I have been motivated to ask you this question by being aware of the current credit crunch situation and the latest Lehman Brothers bankruptcy crisis.

Many Thanks and God Bless!

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3 Responses to “How to make money on the movements of DOW and FTSE indices?”


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  2. tradinginsider said :

    I can give you information that will help you skip over the 12 years learning curve where you would be losing your money over and over again. The stock market is set up on a 90/10 scale. 10% of the people out there make the money and everyone else (90%) donates to them so they can build their houses and buy their cars and property.
    I started out in the stock market in the mid 90s and made a lot of mistakes and then I suddenly found out what works and what doesn’t. I have learned how to make money in the stock market. He res a synopsis of what doesn’t work:
    1. Dint try to play the news. The pros on the floor get the news before you do at your laptop online. They have services such as First Call, and other immediate news services. Also the guys on the floor hear the rumors before you do. Basically what this does is the stock already moved before you even got the news, too late.
    2. Penny Stocks. You might have heard about someone who made a mint in penny stocks. He bought 10,000 shares at .03 apiece and suddenly the stock jumped to 3 dollars a share and he bought a new car or a house. This is ultra rare. Usually you will buy a penny stock for .07 a share and then it will go down to .03 a share and stay there for a year.
    3. You try to do momentum plays. If the stock suddenly shows up on the ‘most up’ lists for the day you think that you can join up with the momentum and make money too. But by the point YOU see it on the lists, the pros are already starting to sell it. You buy it and the stock starts to drop.
    4. Rolling penny stocks? No. Everybody wants to buy at the bottom of the roll, no body wants to sell at the top of the roll.
    5. You try to daytrade, fighting the market makers and screw them out of thier bid and ask spread. Not going to happen. You are up against a professional who makes his living doing this.
    6. You learn technical analysis. But this takes about 6 years to master.
    7.You try giving your money to a pro…most money managers dont make money during down years. As a matter of fact they can lose quite easily.
    8. You can follow stock pics from the Wall Street Journal or IBD but then everyone sees those pics. You would be one of the 90%. Those pics, unless they are forcasts, show stocks that are currently hot. As you see them pros are dumping them.
    9. You try to catch a ‘falling knife’. A stock drops big because of news so you buy it because you think its cheap. Yeah but there was a reason the stock went down, a fault in the stock itself. So it keeps bleeding after you buy it and then it keeps dropping. Then it gets downgraded and drops more.
    10. You tried options. Most people dont know how to do them right and most people lose at options. Heres why. a) you buy an option that expires at a certain time (they all do) and the stock goes down, your option goes down. b) you buy an option and the stock remains at the same price and is flat. The option time erodes and you are left with nothing. c) You buy the option and the stock price soars. You are estatic because the stock price made your option triple. Sell the option? Hell no, it could go up more! So you hold it. The problem with that is they all expire worthless if given enough time. So you hold hoping for even more money then the price goes down. You lose.
    12) You move your money around in one big pile. Investing 100% of your money all at one time is a big mistake because that one time when you have a catasrophic loss from one trading mistake is the time you are done. Always have different piles for trading down or up.

    Well that is my two bits and I suggest that you follow this if you want to learn and make money. Site I have this from is below.

  3. Eddy T said :

    The credit crunch and the latest Lehman Brothers bankruptcy crisis had created volatility in the Dow and Ftse indices. The Bush administration had come out with a bailout plan of US$700 billion bailout plan to restore confidence in the financial markets and to buy up toxic mortgages in the financial system. When this plan was announced the Dow and Ftse rose to their record highs. Now they have dropped because Congress is dragging its feet and playing politics. Once this obstacles have been overcome by the Bush administration, their indices will rise again. I will recommend that you should move into both the stock markets, if you want to make some money.


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