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How to give an accountant access to Paypal data?

We’re running a small start-up that does Paypal transactions. We’d like to have our accountant access our Paypal data directly to facilitate bookkeeping. However, it doesn’t seem easy to do this. Has anyone done this for their business or know of a way to do this?

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6 Responses to “How to give an accountant access to Paypal data?”

  1. JL said :

    Nope. Paypal sucks. You are lucky if YOU have access. I go through this all the time as I file my taxes late every year b/c of it. You might want to check the reporting but I’m not sure.

  2. airmandj said :

    The PayPal system allows Business PayPal accounts to set up multi-user access in order to allow other individuals in your business to have access to specific information. For example, you can give your account his/her own login for your PayPal account, however you can select what permissions you will allow them to have so unless you give them the permission to do so, they can’t spend all of your money.

    Multi-User Access allows multiple users to access your PayPal Business account. You can give users permission for the following:

    Send Money – User can send money from the account using the send money tab.
    Mass Payments – User can set up and complete a mass payment.
    Request Money – User can request money.
    Add Funds – User can add funds to the PayPal account.
    Refunds – User can complete refunds.
    Withdraw Funds – User can initiate a withdraw funds transaction. This will automatically enable View Balance.
    Cancel Payments – User can cancel unclaimed payments.
    View Balance – User has access to view the balance on the account.
    View Profile – User has access to view the Profile page and this would enable access to the Resolution Center.
    Edit Profile – User has access to edit the profile, this will automatically select View Profile and would enable access to the Resolution Center.
    Scheduled Downloadable Log and Settlement File – Allows user to download the history log as well as access the settlement and reconciliation file.
    Discuss Account with Customer Service – Allows the user to discuss your account with PayPal. Selecting this will automatically select View Balance, View Profile, and Edit Profile.
    Authorization & Settlements – User can enter in to an agreement and complete the transaction with a buyer.
    Virtual Terminal – Allows user to use the Virtual Terminal to charge or authorize credit cards.
    PayPal Shipping – Allows user to create shipping labels, this automatically selects Send Money and Cancel Payments.
    Recurring Payments – Allows user to edit recurring payment profiles

    To add a user, follow these steps:

    Log in to your account at
    Click “Profile” at the top of the page.
    Click “Multi-User Access” in the Account Information column.
    Click “Add User.”
    Enter the user’s full name, a User ID and a password. (They will use their ID and password to log in to your PayPal account.)
    6. Check the box for each of the privileges this user has permission for.
    Click “Save.”

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