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How to find a grad job in finance/ accounting?

I am just graduating this year and want to know how best to approach getting a graduate job in finance next year. I have experience but i dont really know how best to approach it

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3 Responses to “How to find a grad job in finance/ accounting?”

  1. Tharus said :

    Let me know when you find out.

  2. scottakrohn said :

    Well, first off you’ll need an updated resume. You’ll want to list your experience, both educational and practical. Make sure you include your goals and aspirations, be careful to word it loosely enough to garner interest outside of your immediate desires. Your college should have a placement service available, they can help you with interested employers and a repository for students’ resumes. Decide where you want to live and start a newspaper subscription in that locale, paying close attention to the financial section of the help wanted ads. Go online and create an account with various employment search engines; e.g.,,, etc.

  3. Sous-vêtement bandants said :

    C’est un véritable plaisir de visiter votre poste


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