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How to break into investment banking/finance?

I have several years of work experience in market research and on the editorial/publishing side of a business think-tank. I’ve come to realize that I’m in a dead-end position and don’t see myself spending further decades in market research or in a business publishing role.

I’m able to network with many finance professionals among my acquaintances. I do have a business degree, but am not specialised in finance or accounting. Unfortunately, I’m probably too old to be considered for formal trainee programmes. Are there “softer” experienced hire positions within investment banks that someone with my background can realistically aim for in order to get his foot in the door? How do I pitch myself as a career-changer?

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4 Responses to “How to break into investment banking/finance?”

  1. preethi r said :

    try some shares

  2. david s said :

    i’s say – get some accounting knowledge and try and get a position in the reconciliations department..

    from there, once you’re in you can work your way around

  3. Sausage said :

    You should try the Chartered Insurance Institute website and you’ll find details of any qualifications you need and what type of job the qualifications will lead to.

    Also, if you do go down this route i would recommend buying your study material from instead of direct from the CII as the books are easier to learn from. Hope this helps!

  4. Ludie Musi said :

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