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How stressful is it to work in London in an investment bank or similar environment?

I’ve been thinking of moving from York to central London with the hope of getting a job in a large investment bank. I have some friends who are working in investment banks of which a couple have moved from places like Surrey to be in London. There seems to be a popular theme of stress and long unbearable working hours when working in London, specifically in financial companies. I want to know how much of this is actually true and whether its just caused by bad self management? I feel extremely driven and have always enjoyed being in London and think I could cope, but never actually worked there. Working in York seems too chilled out and quiet but is it worth moving to work in the city for the higher salary? Is working in an investment bank or other financial firms in the city really too stressful to handle?

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6 Responses to “How stressful is it to work in London in an investment bank or similar environment?”

  1. fantaBOY said :

    dont think investment bankers that work in london have time to visit yahoo answers
    so ur bestbet is to move here and ask one ur self

  2. Creepingrot said :

    There is a buzz about working in London and in the financial markets. Its performance related and you have to learn to control the stress that can produce.

    It can be positive or negative stress (or energy) under perform and you will be out under perform and negative energy will make you feel depressed and that can make you perform worse.

    If you can turn that energy to positive energy and hone it it can make a positive difference to your performance.

    The reason for the long hours are that the markets you would be dealing with are on a different time to ie Europe one hour ahead USA 4-8 hours behind Asia 6-12 hours ahead

  3. tsmith007 said :


  4. lataliano said :

    It’s very stressful but the rewards outweight this. Not only financial but there is a great sense of camardary and fun in amongst the pressure. Bottom line – if you’re good you’ll earn a lot and enjoy it. If you’re not (and you know you’re not) stay in York.

  5. bootleg said :

    very stressful

  6. Freelancer said :

    I had a colleague collapse on the way to work, another had a nervous breakdown.

    Do it when you are young, earn a packet and get out


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