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How much money would I get for used books?

I’m planning to sell my books to a used book store, and I was wondering how much money I would get for them. I live in Ontario, Canada, the tax here is 15%, and I was wondering: How much money can a book sell for, if it’s used. The books I have are in semi-good condition, no scratches or bends. The only imperfection id that my name is on all of them, neatly, on the front and back pages. How much would it sell for at an ordinary used books store?

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3 Responses to “How much money would I get for used books?”

  1. robert43041 said :

    Used bookstores do not buy every single book presented to them. They make a selection. They are very choosy and when they do make a selection they rarely give more than maybe 75cents to perhaps a dollar for a used book, barring exceptions. Don’t get your hopes up too high.

  2. Michael L said :

    Used book stores will purchase only what they think they can sell. They will not offer a lot maybe 10% of the cover because they will only be able to sell it for maybe 50% of the cover.

  3. jan_sherwood said :

    I think it depends on how much pages the books have, or in what language it’s printed in. I found a book for less than a dollar , but when I looked at the contents, I couldn’t understand a single word because it’s in German.


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